BIBLE counseling's goal is to bring God's love to those who are hurting, God's wisdom to those who are seeking, and God's salvation to those who are lost. I believe the best way to accomplish these things is to help people better understand who God is through the teaching of sound doctrine and applying that knowledge to everyday life.

BIBLE Counseling: Equipping Christians for an Evangelistic Counseling Ministry book

Biblical Insights: Since we were created by God, we can trust Him for the answers to our problems.

For Basic Living: Although each situation is unique, Mankind has faced the same basic problems since the Garden of Eden.

Everyday: God is with us each step of every day. His truths are made for helping with everyday living problems.


While my counseling times are now limited because of my writing schedule, the Open Arms Internet Ministry website is filled with articles on various subjects to help those who are struggling.

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Controlled Experiment, a short story prequel to The Family Secret, is now completed.

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I'm filling my mind with research as preparation for November's NaNoWriMo and my next book. Can't wait to find out what happens!