The Teacher in Me

Now retired, I taught high school French and Spanish for twenty-two years in the public school system. I still enjoy helping others learn, though, and I continue to teach through my webinars and mentoring.


TPRS® Training: For world language teachers interested in learning the TPRS® method, the Steps to Strides webinar series can help move you from novice to confidence. I'm also available for one-on-one online training or locally in the northern Indiana area. Looking for my FREE TPRS® teaching materials? Don't panic! Click here for the old page.

BIBLE Counseling: Each webinar in the BIBLE Counseling series will give new tools for laypersons to help those in their church who are struggling with everyday life. I'm also available for some speaking engagements in the northern Indiana area.

Scrivener Coaching: Are you new to the Scrivener writing program? Let me help you understand the basics and reduce the learning curve so you can quickly master this valuable writing tool. I'll soon have my webinar training available as well.

Writing Mentor: If you're new to writing, I can help you get started and set you on the right track.

Webinar Schedule: In the works!

The Truthification Chronicles blog pairs with the six-novel Truthification Chronicles series as a unique blend of political intrigue grounded in biblical truth.

Have you written a novel and are now ready to find a publisher? Your first five pages are vital to avoiding the slush pile. What impression will your novel make on a publisher? Let me help you improve your odds.

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Why Doesn't God Stop Hurricanes?

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Controlled Experiment, a short story prequel to The Family Secret, is now completed.

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I'm filling my mind with research as preparation for November's NaNoWriMo and my next book. Can't wait to find out what happens!