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The six-book Truthification Chronicles series incorporates a biblical perspective with today's current topics.

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(Prequel short story) Controlled Experiment: In this prequel short story, underdog teen Alexander Daley's life changes forever when he's invited to join Project Empowerment's summer program to learn Romanian under the tutelage of prodigy Victoria Pavlenco. But is the program all it claims to be? Or will Alex face a reality he never imagined?

(Book 1) The Family Secret: Nestled in a quiet corner of the Midwest, the town of Cherry Creek hides a secret—a government PsyOps team tasked with performing mind control experiments, led by the Handler, Dr. Victoria Pavlenco, and financed by a covert international group known as The Eighty-Eight. After the death of his daughter, Lizzy, in a church preschool mass shooting, David James discovers his life is a sham. As David peels away the layers of the Handler's lies and manipulation, his faith is tested when he exposes a truth The Eighty-Eight never intended him to uncover, an agenda that rips the fabric of his reality—and the future of every human on Earth.

(Book 2) Renaissance 2040: In a Cleveland hospital in 2020, Dr. Rob Mathus thinks his biggest headache is dealing with mounds of paperwork and volumes of regulations commensurate with the government takeover of the healthcare system—until he comes face to face with The Eight, an elite organization interested in reducing the human population through abortion and euthanasia.

The Handler's Rise: In this bonus short story, seventeen-year-old mind control prodigy, Victoria Pavlenco, reports a superior's error, which results in a fatal reprimand. Is she prepared to abandon her love and put her life on the line to follow in his footsteps?

(Book 3) The Nephilim Sequence: U.S. President Nick Scott visits Honduras in a humanitarian goodwill gesture intended to support the country's stand against drug gang violence. As he tours a clinic in Catacamas, he's kidnapped by a drug gang and thrown together with two people who have a grudge against him. Will the three be able to put aside their differences and work together to stop the sterilization of millions of women through tainted vaccines? Or will The Eight further their genetic purification agenda?

(Book 4) The Restoration: On the brink of a new world order, Zee James and Cian Freeman discover The Eight's plan to taint the world food supply with a DNA-specific poison in a final push to eliminate the non-Nephilim descendants. Will the remnant of Christians be able to stand against the evil agenda that threatens to subjugate the world and force every knee to bow to the Nephilim?

(Book 5) Unveiled: When the Cleveland compound is raided, Nif escapes with a handful of others. When she encounters a redheaded stranger, their lives intertwine in a way she never expected.

(Book 6) In the Interest of the Children: This book will fill in part of the five-year gap between books 1 and 2.

(Nonfiction) The Long, Furry Goodbye: Lessons of Life, Love, and Laughter from Renny's Final Year: A memoir of my sixteen-year-old dog's last year.

In today's world, we're bombarded by news. Some is based on truth and some is not. Join me on the Truthification Chronicles blog as we journey through the media free-for-all and learn to discern what is truth so we can reveal it to others.

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